Nature and history of “Satsuma Province” A sightseeing spot to attract the world, KAGOSHIMA


Nature and history of  “Satsuma Province” A sightseeing spot to attract the world, KAGOSHIMA

Kyushu is located on the southwest part of Japan, and Kagoshima Prefecture is
located on the southmost in it.
There are various sightseeing spots with full of nature from the sea and mountains;
Yakushima Island that is registered as a world heritage, Sakurajima Island, and so on.

Sakurajima Island is an active volcano that always raises smoke, but people are living there.
They are living with
“a breath of nature”
like volcano eruptions and ashes.

Its magnificent look with the sea for a background is worth seeing.

In Edo period, Kagoshima was called
“Satsuma clan”.
There were under the rule of
“Shimazu family”
from long ago, and many
were lived there.

In 1871, 26% of population was samurais there.

At Chiran, called
“small Kyoto in Satsuma”
there are 7 gardens named
“Chiran-Fumoto-no-Bukeyashiki-gun (Samurai housing area in Chiran)”.
Silent Japanese houses and a part of Japanese rooms with the tatami are opened.

Also it’s a view point that a villa named
used by Shimizu family.
This site is 50,000㎡, and there are various charms like history, culture and nature.

As a special experience in them
“Palace tour”
achieves popularity.

Kimono wear’s guide leads Palace tour, and you can see the room that
“a lord”
lived in actually.
The beautiful tatami floored room with an alcove and
a hanging scroll shows elegance suites with a lord,
and the bedroom and the living room that can see a majestic courtyard show elegance too.

You can enjoy a cup of tea and Japanese sweets at the tea room,
and then it takes for 20 minutes and costs ¥600 for an adult.
This price and details will make you so satisfied.

“A sightseeing spot KAGHOSHIMA is made of Omotenashi spirit
and natural materialsa,and attracts the world.”

As raising this as a theme, Kagoshima promotes custom invitation.
Actually foreign tourists are rapidly increased.
Why can’t you visit here to feel energy from the sea and the earth?

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