An optimal compact cleaner for the tatami


An optimal compact cleaner for the tatami

If you have a tatami at your home, how do you clean it?

Japanese traditional ways are wiping it by a tightly squeezed floorcloth, or
putting used tea leaves on it and sweeting them with a broom.

But recently, it’s said that vacuuming along the mesh of the tatami is good and
using a cleaning sheet for the flooring is possible.
At the tatami room, we should be careful about dust from being collected.

If it’s the rush grassed tatami, we also should be careful about molds and
mites from being collected.
When dust, molds and mites are collected, it would be house dust, and
then it would often be a cause of allergic diseases.

Especially corners at the tatami room or borders between tatamis are easy to collect dust.

Recently, a Japanese stationery brand released a compact cleaner
that could strongly vacuum dust at such parts.
This product is
“Sumisatto CCS10”
produced by King Jim Corporation.

Comparing with a big cleaner, it has very compact body to have easier by one hand.
There is no need to use a cord because it’s rechargeable.

But if the battery runs out during cleaning, we can use it by a cord.
So we can clean easily like quickly bruising dust by a broom.
This gains a good reputation that is
“good to clean the tatami room”.

Even if you have small a small child, you need to be careful about dust, molds, mites
and spilled food, but these would be easy to clean by it.

And also you can use it for cleaning on the TV and around the PC keyboard.
Japanese people live with the tatami.
They need well concerned electrical home appliances for their life style.

Japanese brands make products to answer such needs.

If you see a Japanese electrical home appliance somewhere, please remember such sites of Japan.

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