“Hot water” and “Japan” Enjoy Japanese culture at “Hot spring prefecture” Oita


“Hot water” and “Japan” Enjoy Japanese culture at “Hot spring prefecture” Oita

On April14, 2016, a big earthquake hit Kumamoto in Kyushu region, Japan.
It influenced that tourists from within Japan and abroad to Oita were decreased.

Now, however, 1 year has passed from this earthquake, and this worldwide famous
“hot spring spot”
is being crowded with tourists again.

Oita is appealing tourism to foreigners by promoting tourist guide in other languages and
enhancing Wi-Fi.

“Yunotsubo way”
leading to Lake Kinrin, a legendary lake that dragons liver there before,
via Yufuin station has a nostalgic townscape and there are jinrikisha(ricksha) to come and go.

If you walk and eat something delicious, it’ll take about 3 hours.
It’s recommended to worship at Unaguhime Shrine, a historical power spot built in A.D. 82,
and to ride on the cab.

Beppu has the maximum number of
in Japan, and it’s a hot spring town because steams raise up everywhere.

“Jigoku Meguri (hell tour)”
is popular to make a tour round 8 headsprings by a tourism bus;

there are
”Umi Jugoku hot spring”
that is able to make boiled eggs which are eggs that have been put directly into the 98℃ cobalt blue hot springs,

“Yama Jigoku hot spring”
that steams raise up all over the mountain,

“Chinoike Jigoku hot spring”
that is red,

“Tatsumaki Jigoku hot spring”
that has intermittent springs spout hot water at regular intervals, and so on.

“Jigoku steamed pudding”
steamed by steam of hot spring and a famous food
are also recommended.

After your tourism, it’ll be luxury time to heal yourself by hot spring.
After taking a large bath, it suites you to stay at the Japanese style tatami room.

Please enjoy charms of
“hot water”
“hot spring prefecture”
Oita that is able to enjoy Japanese culture.

Source of photo: http://www.gettouan.com/rooms_honkan/index.html