Foods, nature, history, and traditions Feels charms of “Japan” in Fukuoka


Foods, nature, history, and traditions Feels charms of “Japan” in Fukuoka

Kyushu is located on the southwest part of Japan, and there are 7 prefectures.
The greatest number of people in Kyushu lives in Fukuoka Prefecture so that it’s called
“an entrance of Kyushu”.

Fukuoka airport has good accesses;
it takes for 25 minutes by the subway from the center of a city, Hakata station.
It’s not only airlines, but also railways like Kyushu Shinkansen.

So tourists come and visit Fukuoka from within the country and abroad, and
it becomes the best tourism spot in Kyushu.

There are special foods in Fukuoka like ramen, motsunabe, and mentaiko at lined up stalls.

And are various attractive tourism spots;
“Shikanoshima Island”
connected by sand land called Uminonakamichi,
“Hakata port tower”
could overlook the city and Hakata Bay.

There is
“Dazaifu-Tenmangu Shrine”
in Dazaifu city to worship Michizane SUGAWARA called a god of learning,
so a lot of test takers visit here to pray during entrance exam season.

Also there is
“Komyozen-ji Temple”
located nearby Dazaifu-Tenmangu Shrine and it’s called

“Koke-dera Temple”.
The view of garden from the tatami at main temple will take your breath away because of its beautifulness.

It takes 45 minutes by the train from Fukuoka city.
There are
“Horiwari (waterways)”
through the town and
to see horiwari from a boat is famous in Yanagawa city.

Yanagawa city remains the parents’ home of Hakushu KITAHARA, a famous poet and lyricist,
and it’s opened to the public.
It’s a Japanese style house with beautiful white walls.

Tatami floored Japanese rooms like a study and a living room show calming appearance.
We can feel a root of Hakushu who said
“Yanagawa is a mother of my poetry”
at these areas with Japanese spirits.

Why can’t you spend your great time in Fukuoka to be comfortable from inside by good foods,
nature, rich histories and traditions?

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