The Japanese room to see the world heritage The Japanese garden “Koko-en” and Himeji-jo Castle


The Japanese room to see the world heritage The Japanese garden “Koko-en” and Himeji-jo Castle

Hyogo Prefecture is located on a midwestern part of Japan.
Its northern part is faced on the Sea of Japan, and its southern part is faced on the Seto Inland Sea.

It is the largest prefecture in Kinki area that has a prominent industrial area with rich nature.

On December 1993, Himeji-jo Castle and Horyu-ji Temple in Nara had registered
at the world cultural heritage for the first time in Japan.
Because of its elegant looks like the egret opens wings, it’s also called
“Hakuro-jo Castle (Egret-jo Castle)”.

After a famous military commander Hideyoshi TOYOTOMI built a 3-story castle tower in 1333,
former lords rebuilt it and became the current looks.

Himeji-jo Castle has been repaired on a regular basis to show
“original appearance”.
In 2009,
“the large renovation in the Heisei period”
had been started and it took about 5 and a half years.

On April 2015, the renovated castle was shown.
This beautiful appearance attracts tourists from both in and out of Japan.

Koko-en is located nearby Himeji-jo Castle.
It is a large Japanese garden that has 33,000 square meters of land with nostalgic buildings and tea rooms.

You can enjoy seasonal scenery;
cherry blossoms in the spring, fresh green in the summer, autumn leaves in the autumn,
and snowing in the winter.

There is
faced on the castle tower of Himeji-jo Castle.
It’s a calmed tatami floored tea room and reminds a tea room at the samurai residence
during the Edo period.

Inside of the room is built simply and designed from a concept,
an architectural beauty of Japanese traditional culture
“the tea ceremony”.
Please take a rest on the tatami if you tired of walking, and enjoy having Japanese tea and sweets.

It’s able to see the Japanese garden and Himeji-jo Castle from the Japanese room.
There is luxury and calming time to see the world heritage.

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