Is a baby athletic meet on the tatami!?


Is a baby athletic meet on the tatami!?

“Japan baby crawling meet”
was held on the tatami and 120 babies were attended.
This event was held in Kumamoto Prefecture on March 2017.

Speaking of actions of babies, it’s “crawling”.
This is a unique athletic meet to battle the speed of crawling by babies
on a large tatami floored course prepared at a shopping mall.

Many babies and their mothers were attended it, and they showed pretty looks.

Speaking of Kumamoto, there is a district that produces “tatami”
“rush grass”
a material of the tatami is produced there.
There are an agricultural cooperative to ship rush grass and an organizations by tatami producers.

This meet was suggested from people who participate producing the tatami.

Recently, life of Japanese is Westernizing and they left from the tatami.
This event is started from the thought that
“we want young mothers and babies to feel goodness of the tatami”.

Long time ago, Japanese babies were born on the tatami and grown on the tatami
because childbirth was done at home by calling midwifes.

Soft and sparingly tatami is good for babies to lie down, crawl, play, start walking.
Comparing with other hard and cold floor materials, it’s a good housing environment for child care.

If you have a small kid, we recommend
“child care on the tatami”.