A tatami material, rush grass to be chopsticks


A tatami material, rush grass to be chopsticks

Around April Fools’ Day in 2017, there were topics in Japanese internet news;
Rush grass, a tatami material, is processed to chopsticks.

This was like a joke news as April Fools, but actually this was a serious news.

Speaking of Japan in abroad, most people think of
“the tatami”
These were fused nicely.

“tatami material’s chopsticks”
are made by a tatami producers’ organization in Kumamoto Prefecture
where is a big production area of the tatami.

Though current Japanese people leave from the tatami, it’s developed from a wish that
“wish to be friendly with the tatami”.

Rush grass in Kumamoto is high quality and safe.
It’s a plant so that it’s possible to eat if it’s 100% of rush grass.

Rush grass is fiber-rich dietary plant if it’s compared with other vegetables like lettuce.

At first, you can eat your meals by these chopsticks, then eat them after your meals
so that you can intake full of dietary fiber.
It’s crisp, savory, and good to eat.

These chopsticks are served with meals at
“Local Kumamoto foods Umato”
“CASA Afelizu Ginza”
in Tokyo, and
in Kumamoto.

“Eatable chopsticks, tatami taste”.
Why can’t you experience these unique items in Japan?

Source of photo: https://www.digimonostation.jp/0000090514/