Is there a tatami floored highway bus in Japan!?


Is there a tatami floored highway bus in Japan!?

On April 2017, one of a Japanese traveling company opened this news on the internet

“From Japan! The tatami floored highway bus that is prohibited shoes run!”

Everywhere if you go to Japan like houses, inns, restaurants, and hot springs, there are tatamis.

The tatami floored railway is running in act.
People thought that this is a serious news, but actually it was a joke news in April Fools.

Though it was a joke, it was real because of image photos.
There were tatami floored seats in the bus so that people should take off their shoes.

Japanese people take off their shoes at home, and they think that they can be relaxed
when they take off their shoes.
Because of this, when traveling a long distance like the high way bus, most people
take off their shoes to spend their time on the bus.

From such sense of Japanese people, they think that the tatami floored and prohibited shoes bus
would be relaxed.
People want to realize the tatami floored bus.

If people from different countries see this, they’ll feel
“typical of a Japanese idea” and
“want to ride”.

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