Ruriko-in in Kyoto See “marvelous green view” on the tatami


Ruriko-in in Kyoto See “marvelous green view” on the tatami

Ruriko-in is in Sakyo Ward, Kyoto City.
It has been loved as
“lord of peace”
by Heian nobles and samurais since long ago.

People could see the garden, built from the end of Taisho period to the begining of Showa period, during
“special entrance period”
in the spring and the autumn.

Ruriko-in is famous as the best autumn leaves spot to decorate autumn season in Kyoto,
but it’s not only beautiful in autumn.

In the spring, just right now, maples turn green.
It decorates whole the garden and looks awesome.
It’s really fantastic.

This fantastic view, green garden and green maples, are able to see only during this season.
You can sit slowly on the tatami and see the world of green without thinking anything
through flogs’ voices are sounded.
Mose people feel to be fresher from their heart.

The entrance fee of the Ruriko-in is ¥2,000.
Actually it’s expensive among temples in Kyoto, but visitors will be comfortable by the garden view
and elegance of Japan on the tatami.

Please enjoy beauty of the spring in Japan on the tatami.

In this spring, this special entrance period is from 4/15 to 6/15.
“Louis Icart Art Museum”
established together with it, is also opened at the same time.

Fortunately the homepage of Ruriko-in is multilingual so that it’s able to see in English.

If you visit Kyoto in the spring, why can’t you see this
“marvelous green view”
on the tatami?

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