Let’s walk around the world heritage A trip to “Kumanokodo Road” to think about the old days


Let’s walk around the world heritage A trip to “Kumanokodo Road” to think about the old days

Do you know
“Kumanokodo Road”?

Kumanokodo Road is located on
“Kii Peninsula”
that is founded on the largest peninsula faced on the Pacific, in the southern part from the middle of
“Honshu (the main island of Japan)”.

It is the approach that stretches over Mie Prefecture, Nara Prefecture, Wakayama Prefecture,
and Osaka Prefecture to three shrines called
“Kumano Sanzan”.

It has been still fresh in memory that registered as a World Heritage Site in 2004.

Since long time, “Kumano Sanzan” is worshipped by various and a lot of people,
that is from retired emperors to the commons.
Because of this large number of worshippers, there is called
“ari no kumano-mode (ants’ pilgrimages to the Kumano-sanzan)”
and Kumanokodo Road is crowded with a lot of worshippers.

At the end of the long and steep path, there is
at first.
It has more than 1,000 years of history, and it’s designed as an Important Cultural Property of Japan.

It attaches various facilities like
“Homotsuden (treasure house)”
to preserve precious treasures saved from fires and flood damages and
to be able to use as a resting place for visitors and a shelter for locals when natural disasters occur.

There are a tatami floored hall and a cafeteria at Zuiho-den so that it’s able to be relaxed.

After worships, it’s recommended to visit
“Kumano Hongu hot spring village”
that has been loved since long time ago.

There are three large hot springs;
Kawayu hot spring
Yunomine hot spring
and Wataze hot spring.
You are able to be healed your fatigue from inside.

Especially Yunomine hot spring has been loved as the oldest hot spring in Japan,
and a national rock bath named
that changes its colors seven times in a day is designed as a World Heritage as a part of a pilgrimage route.

After walking for a long way, you can stretch your tired legs on the tatami
and be relaxed to spend luxury time in the Japanese room.

Why can’t you have a trip to Kumanokodo Road to walk around the World Heritage and to enjoy hot springs?

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