Meet a joy to go to “a Japanese private house that has cats on the tatami room” at a downtown in Tokyo.


Enjoying relaxed time with cats and drinking a cup of tea or coffee at a tatami floored private house.
There is a rare cafeteria to spend such time in Tokyo.

If you go to the north of Ueno, there is
that is a Tokyo downtown area and its nearest station is
A small shop named
is around there.

“Cat cafe”
to touch and play with cats are in the Tokyo area, but here is a rare shop that
“a general citizen who has cats opens her house to customers as a cafeteria”.

It’s a private house by a general citizen of Japanese, so that you can enjoy real
“life of Japanese”
“life with the tatami”.

It’s a different atmosphere from inns, hotels, and samurai houses maintained for tourists.
You can enjoy real lived-in feel.

You should take off your shoes at the entrance, and enter the house…
there are some table in the tatami floored room, and you can enjoy a cup of tea and meals as you relaxed.
When you spend your time there, sometimes house cats come close and you can play with them.

There is a joy to visit
“a Japanese private house that has cats on the tatami room”
and it’s different from
“cat cafes”.

If you want to know how Japanese people have lived in the tatami floored room and experience it,
why can’t you visit this shop?

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