Shoes brand “Camper” sells the tatami sandals


Shoes brand  “Camper”  sells the tatami sandals

From now to the summer season, speaking of cool and easy footwear to take on is

A famous shoes brand in the world sold a sandal that used tatami material on a foot site.

A Spanish shoes brand
sold this
“tatami sandals”.
This new model named
“Ni-jo sandals”
in spring and summer season in 2017.

One tatami mat is called
“Ichi-jo (Ichi means one in Japanese)”
in Japan.
This sandal puts two-tatamis on feet, so these are “Ni-jo (Ni means two in Japanese)”.

So it’s named “Ni-jo sandal” by following a Japanese way to count.

The reason why it used the tatami on the sandals is that a designer said
“I got an inspiration from the beauty of well-balanced Japanese room”.
“Japanese room (with tatami floored room)”
gets highly regarded among people from outside of Japan that it is a minimum beautiful space.

Since Camper sold this tatami sandals, there has been
“the zori that is a Japanese shoe with tatami material on a foot site”
in Japan.

When we take on by barefoot, the sole of the foot is smooth. It has proper spring and softness, so that it’s a very good feeling to take on.

Why can’t you go out by “tatami sandals” this coming summer?

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