The oldest tatami and statues of Buddha in Japan The historical and artistic temple in Nara


The oldest tatami and statues of Buddha in Japan The historical and artistic temple in Nara

It was more than 1,300 years ago.
“capital city”
of Japan was Nara Prefecture, located in south-central Kinki area instead of Tokyo.

The Nara capital city area was called
and a lot of temples in this area have had great influencesince the 6th century.

Kofuku-ji Temple that registered as a world heritage and Todai-ji Temple that has national treasures,
statues of Buddha, are the one of them.

Shosoin Treasure House in Todai-ji Temple is famous of that there are various art works like
that is the oldest tatami in Japan.

“the statue of Buddha”
is very interested in people from abroad as an artwork to show culture in the Nara Period.

Kofuku-ji Temple that has various national treasures like
“the statue of Ashura”
“Special Openings for National Treasures in Kofuku-ji Temple”
in every spring (3/15 ~ 6/18 in this year) and autumn (9/15 ~ 11/19).

“Toshodai-ji Temple”
that built by Jianzhen who was a priest came from China opened a national treasure
“the statue of Jianzhen”
to the public from 6/5 to 6/7.

Actually the statue of Jianzhen is kept in
“Miei-do Hall”
and now there is reconstructing work till March in 2021, so that the opening of the statue of Jianzhen
was done at
“Shin-hozo (treasure house)”
in Toshodai-ji Temple.

Unfortunately the inside of Miei-do Hall won’t be opened till several years later.

The inside of Miei-do Hall is a beautiful tatami floored Japanese taste area.
There isn’t only the tatami, but also
“Fusuma-e (a picture painted on a sliding paper door)”
as a viewing spot that is drawn the nature in Japan for ten years by Kaii HIGASHIYAMA
who is a great Japanese painter.

Miei-do Hall is composed of a marvelous harmony of Fusuma-e that keynoted of blue and the tatami.
We are just waiting for the special opening after reconstructing work.

Statues of Buddha in Japan are very interested in people from abroad.
Why can’t you see them with feeling the history of Japan?

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