Tatami furnitures created by Lebanon’s designer


Tatami furnitures created by Lebanon’s designer

To appeal
“the life close to be with the tatami”
Japanese tatami brands have produced tatami products with new senses;
the bench with the tatami seat, the tatami mouse pad, the tatami vase mat, the tatami purse,
the tatami bag, and so on.

On the other hand, overseas designers have payed attention to the attractions of
material, so that tatami products have been produced in abroad.

Nada Deps is a female designer who was born in Lebanon, grew up in Japan, and built her career
in the US and UK.
She designs furniture, combining the wood with the tatami.
It forms a small box, and it’s able to use for a bench, a stool, and also a mini table.

This tatami is coated with bold gradation colors, and it’s competed with modern looks.
It’s produced to pay attention to the tatami, there is a culture of Japanese housing, from a thought that is

“suitable furniture with current lifestyle in the Middle East”.

Nada Deps, who was born in the Middle East, paid a great attention to Japanese culture,
here is the oriental as the Middle East.
She has produced combined designs with traditional culture in oriental countries.

Recently, the Japanese tatami has been exported to the Middle East, and it has gained a reputation.
It would be opportunities to see tatami in other countries outside Japan.
The charms of the tatami are spreading to the world.

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