“Farm-inn” popular for tourists from abroad


“Farm-inn” popular for tourists from abroad

Recently in Japan, tourists from abroad are rapidly increasing.
It’s not only large cities like Tokyo and Osaka, but also there are my tourists from abroad
in local tourist sites.

So accommodations are developing to various styles for them.

Saga Prefecture is located in Kyushu, the southwestern part of Japan.
At the north mountainous, adjacent to Fukuoka Prefecture, there is
“Mitsuse-mura Village”
and a very popular accommodation for tourists from abroad is there.

It’s named
“Farm-inn Guza”.
The farm house, that has large rooms with the tatami and be able to feel former Japan,
is opened for tourists as an inn.
Tourists are able to experience hiking in rich nature and
“Goemon bath”
that is a former Japanese bath style.

There are two large guest rooms with tatami mats that sized 12 mats and 8 mats.
Usually the tatami floored room at the standard houses in Japan sized 6 mats or 8 mats,
it means, tourists are able to spend their time in the large space with a few guests and
also enjoy communication with an owner.

Mitsuse-mura Village doesn’t have commercial facilities like convenience stores and
shopping malls like the city.

However, there are rich natures like a star-studded sky and mountains with beautiful green.
Tourists from abroad who already visited the city area in Japan knew the reputations of this village
by SNS, and they have come here.

In a rural area in Japan, you are able to be surrounded by rich nature and spend refreshing moments
at a large farmhouse with large tatami floored rooms.
It would be a luxury experience in Japan, and it’s different from spending holidays in a luxury city.

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