Unexpected attractive spots for people from abroad Sento (public bath) in Tokyo


Unexpected attractive spots for people from abroad Sento (public bath) in Tokyo

Recently, there are unexpected attractive spots for people from abroad to Japan.
It is the public bath called
in Japanese from long time ago.

Even now, there are public baths in various places in Japan.

Now most people don’t do that
“to go to the public bath because I don’t have a bath at home”
but most Japanese people love the large bath.
If they take a large bath, they could feel unusual and a sense of space there.

Most people enjoy going the public bath to relief daily stresses.

As we say
“naked communication”
everyone should be naked in the public bath, even if they are with unknown people,
and soaking in hot water after washing their body by themselves.
When people relax in a large tatami floored room after relieving fatigues and heating up by the bath,
some of them are slept down.

Recently, this “sento” is popular for people from abroad.
Some traveling tours have plans to visit sento.
It’s not covered in major traveling guide books, but still, it’s popularity by thoughts of
“sento is a place to experience a real culture of Japanese people”
“an experience to enjoy an exotic atmosphere”.

Even in Tokyo area, there are a lot of old sentos, and it charges about ¥400 ~ ¥500.
Sento is able to experience a very Japanese culture, and it has large tatami floored spaces.
When you come to Japan, why can’t you visit sento?

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