Kyoto   Appreciate the worldwide contemporary arts at the museum with the tatami


Kyoto   Appreciate the worldwide contemporary arts at the museum with the tatami

Speaking of Japanese cities, you might think Tokyo where is the capital city in Japan.
Tokyo is popular for people from abroad and there are full of tourists from abroad.

On the other hand, local cities have various interesting spots to enjoy
“typically Japanese”.

“Kyoto” is located on the west part in Japan.
Here was the former capital city in Japan, so that there were the imperial palace and the center of the government.

So its urban planning was developed since long time ago, and traditional techniques, like the temple, the shrine, the food culture, the Japanese tea culture, the pottery, the arts
and the architecture, were also developed.

Now Kyoto is known as
 “gorgeous and elegance town”
and popular for people from abroad.

In such Kyoto, there is a rare museum that is able to appreciate pictures in the tatami floored room.
It is
“Forever Museum of Contemporary Arts”
located in Gion.
This is a new museum opened 2017/6/10.

This museum is established by the traditional Japanese architecture that is 104 years of building and assigned to
the tangible cultural property.
It opens for only several years.
There is a large tatami floored exhibition room, and works by a contemporary artist Ms. Yayoi KUSAMA are exhibited.

 “seeing pictures while standing”
 is common in the West, here is tatami floored so that it’s able to do
 “seeing pictures and Japanese architecture while sitting”.

There is a beautiful Japanese garden out of the museum.
This is open for a limited period, so please visit early.

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