Kyoto See the former tatami floored merchant house


Kyoto See the former tatami floored merchant house

In Kyoto, there are various
“typical Japanese”
 tourist spots;
typical Japanese shrines and temples, architectures, cultural properties, the Japanese food, the Japanese sake,
the green tea, the Japanese sweet, Maiko-San (a kind of dancing-girl), and a lot of old Japanese sake brewers.

There are several spots to see the background to make Japanese sake.

In Fushimi area, the western part of Kyoto city, there is the head office of
 that is a major sake brewer brand representative Japan. Also nearby it, there is “Gekkeikan Okura Sake Museum”
to see Japanese sake breweries.

At “Gekkeikan Okura Sake Museum”, visitors can see the details of old Japanese sake brewers.
When visitors enter the front door, there is the tatami floored counter.

This is same as
 “the casher”.
Former Japanese merchants put a writing desk in the raised tatami floored seating area, and they kept account.

On the other hand, the museum exhibits tools to show details of making traditional Japanese sake, furnitures,
old vases, and advertisements.
Visitors can experience
 “sake tasting”
to check different taste among the Japanese sake.

 Also, there are stalls and souvenir shops.

Why can’t you experience the Japanese sake cultures and the cultures from former major Japanese merchants?

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