Tatami cushion


Tatami cushion

New products have been released from The Tatami Room.
“Tatami cushion” is the cushion using tatami’s breathability and comfort.

Tatami is the flooring material which originated from Japanese lifestyle and culture.
Since ancient times, Japanese people have spent almost all their lifetime on tatami.
It is used in every season due to its breathability and comfort.

Normally tatami woven material doesn’t have the fluffiness of pillows or cushions but moderate support instead. Therefore when we sit on tatami, a cotton-based stuffing is used, creating a traditional Japanese “zabuton”.
This tatami cushion is made with urethane wrapped in tatami’s woven surface which has a pleasant texture.

Not only you can use it as “zabuton” on tatami flooring, but also on benches or chairs.
It’s even soft enough to be used as a pillow.
From our company, 15 colours are available in an attractive circular shape.

Tradition Japanese cultural heritage combined with modern technology enable us to produce
this high-quality tatami cushion.
We thoroughly recommend adopting this Japanese material into your lifestyle.