Enjoy Koto’s sakes in the tatami floored room


Enjoy Koto’s sakes in the tatami floored room

There are various alcohols in the world like the beer, the wine, the whiskey, and so on.
Have you ever drunk
“Japanese sake”?

Recently, the Japanese sake is payed attention from people in the Europe.
The world of the Japanese sake is quite interesting, and there are several sake brewery brands
in many parts of Japan.

Especially the local Japanese sake, named
is popular; it emphasized the local row material and characters.

Speaking of the famous place of the sake brewer, it is Fushimi area in Kyoto.
Kyoto is a popular city for tourists from abroad.

If you move to a bit south area from the center part of the Kyoto city,
you can experience the tour of the sake brewery to know the real world of the Japanese sake.

One of the major sake brewery brand is
located in Fushimi, Kyoto.
“Kizakura” is a Japanese sake brand that is well known by Japanese people from long time ago.

In Fushimi, there is a theme park for the Japanese sake named
“Kizakura Kappa Country”.

You can tour the workshop of the Japanese sake and the beer, and taste various Japanese sakes.
And there is a bar in it.

It’s redecorated in the Japanese bar style from the former sake brewer.
There are tatami floored halls and tatami floored private rooms to spend private time with
a small amount of people.

Why can’t you spend your time to taste the Japanese sake in the tatami floored room?

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