Make a bag with “Tatamiheri” and expose to the world


Make a bag with “Tatamiheri” and expose to the world

A tatami mat is a rectangle, and its long sides have edges.
This is named

It may look like just decorations, but “Tatamiheri” has a lot of meanings.

There are various colors, patterns, and designs in “Tatamiheri”.
In olden days, differs of the design showed the status.
The design of “Tatamiheri” at home was decided by status.

But recently, anyone can choose any “Tatamiheri” as a part of interior coordinate.
There are brands producing “Tatamiheri” professionally, and modern designs are produced.
The world of “Tatamiheri” is developing.

Though “Tatamiheri” is to edge the tatami in common, ideas are produced that is making other products
by using “Tatamiheri” like ribbons or straps.

For example, it’s the bag.
Various types of bags are produced by depending on the design of “Tatamiheri”.

Some brands try to sell it in the abroad and to establish the new brand.
And also some of them try to edit
“making a bag with Tatamiheri”
into the handicrafts book to tell knowhow for housewives to enjoy making it at home.

Now, the tatami is payed attention from the abroad.
Not only the mat or the interior, but there are various ways to enjoy the tatami.

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