This is Japan and taste of Japan Stroll a castle town of Hachimanyama-jo Castle and tatami cafe


This is Japan and taste of Japan Stroll a castle town of Hachimanyama-jo Castle and tatami cafe

About 470 years ago, Japan was in
“the Sengoku Period”
and a lot of powerful samurais gained their power.
You may hear the name of famous generals like Nobunaga ODA, and Hideyoshi TOYOTOMI.

After Nobunaga ODA passed away by the war named
“Honnoij-no-hen (an Incident at Honnoji temple)”
Hideyoshi TOYOTOMI raised as the power of the time.
Under the leadership of Hideyoshi, buildings and a castle town of
“Azuchi-jo Castle”
that is under the control of Nobunaga, were reconstructed in Oumihachiman City,
Shiga Prefecture and it was named Hachimanyama-jo Castle.

Hidetsugu HASHIBA, a nephew of Hideyoshi, entered into the castle as the lord.
But he had trouble with Hideyoshi, so that Hachimanyama-jo Castle was broken down in only ten years.

Now, only stone walls are remained in Hachimanyama-jo Castle.
Ropeway runs to the summit of the mountain, and you can see the wonderful view of Biwa-ko Lake
from the ruined castle.

“Hachiman-bori canal”
is still remaining in the castle town of Hachimanyama-jo Castle.
It was the pivot of the distribution to connect from Biwa-ko lake to the town, and defended the castle.
Both sides of Hachiman-bori canal, there are rice storages with white walls, samurai houses,
and massive Japanese houses.

“former residence of the Ban family”
“former residence of the Nishikawa family”
the Japanese room with Shoji (sliding paper door), balcony, and the tatami is opened to show
the lives of Oumi merchants.

If you tired of strolling, you can take a rest at
that is a reclaimed cafe from an old Japanese house of a tatami merchant.
It’ll be wonderful tea time to enjoy the view from the window and to be relaxed on the tatami!

You can see the townscape of the castle town and great history in Oumihachiman.
This is a real taste of Japan.

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