Stay at “Funaya house”! The nearest life to the sea in Japan


Stay at “Funaya house”! The nearest life to the sea in Japan

Ine town is located on the Tango Peninsula in the north part of Kyoto.

It’s faced on Ine Bay, and the fishing industry is the main thing of the life all the time.

In this town, there are regional and original buildings called

“Funaya house”.


Funaya house means a garage of ships and it’s built to push out to the seaside.

On the first floor, the floor is slanted to salvage ships.

Ships can put there and it can work as a working place.


On the second floor, there is “a living room”.

There is used as a “living place” for people who is living there.

Some Funaya house offers this floor as a guest-house, and some of them offer to “only one group in a day”. Guests can enjoy fresh seafoods and fishing experiences. It’s sure that it’ll be memorable experiences!


Most rooms of Funaya house, that is a traditional building, are tatami floored.

People can spend a luxury time relaxing on the tatami and to see the sea and Funaya houses from the window.

Funaya houses are built by surrounding the calmed bay.


This view is even very rare in Japan, and it is assigned as a preservation area of traditional buildings.

You can experience

“the nearest life to the sea in Japan”

in Ine town, Kyoto.


Why can’t you enjoy the sea and Japan to hear the sound of waves and the salt tang of the sea on the tatami?

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