Enjoy the Japanese style interior How is the concept hotel?


 Enjoy the Japanese style interior   How is the concept hotel?

Speaking of the Japanese style room, most people think of the tatami floor, the balcony,
the Japanese paper material, and the household furnishing that is combined with national materials
like the wood and the bamboo.
Recently, people from abroad who think that “I want to stay at such room
when I go to Japan” are increased.

Through this background, accommodations in Japan are particular about
“the Japanese style”
and it’s increased to refurbish.
Speaking of the accommodation, there are various accommodations in Japan, for example;
the hot spring inn, the city hotel, the business hotel, the capsule hotel, and the vacation rental.
“The concept hotel” is one of the recommendations.

“The concept hotel” is that holds up the special world view as the concept of the hotel
like the theme park, and it’s particular about in every detail of its interior.

For example, there is the concept hotel named
in Kyoto city.
This hotel is particularly about
“the Japanese style”
“the Kyoto style”
and makes its interior.

Each guest room has each theme, so that people can enjoy different interiors.
There are
“Japanese paper’s interior room”
“the world of Japanese tea room”
and so on.

People can feel
as the Japan from style these interiors.
Each room has each style.
It’s able to enjoy original experiences at this hotel.

Source of photo: http://www.nijo-nazuna.jp/