Tatami floored Starbucks Opened in Kyoto


Tatami floored Starbucks Opened in Kyoto

“Starbucks Coffee”
is a chain of worldwide coffee shops.
Even in Japan, there are many shops of Starbuck Coffee.

The number of shops is increased in Tokyo area, Kyoto, Osaka, and also local cities.

Through this background, the new Starbuck Coffee opened in Kyoto.
Amazingly, this Starbucks has the tatami space.
People can have a coffee by sitting on a cushion on the tatami and see the Japanese garden…
this special Starbucks can spend such a marvelous moment.

“Starbucks Coffee Kyoto Ninenzaka Yasaka Chaya Launch”
opened in Kyoto city in June 30, 2017.
It opened among the traditional buildings in Kyoto.

Speaking of usual Starbucks Coffee, it’s the urban shop with the glass-sided building,
the metallic stool and table.
But this is a very Japanese shop that redecorated a century old wooden Japanese architecture.

At the entrance, a Japanese taste shop curtain named
is hung on.
This puts a log of Starbucks.
In the shop, there is a tatami floored space where should take off shoes.
Hanging scrolls are hung on the wall, and floor cushions, made of the traditional fabric in Kyoto, are put on.

If you come to Kyoto, why can’t you visit this unique Starbucks Coffee?

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