The wooden house, the tatami, and farming in the nature Experience the “good old” life in Japan


The wooden house, the tatami, and farming in the nature Experience the “good old” life in Japan

There were wooden houses with the tatami, the shoji, and the balcony.
People made a fire with the wood, cooked foods, prepared for the bath, and enjoyed the dinner
with a large family around the fireside.

They harvested vegetable and rice, farmed by themselves, gathered fresh eggs,
influenced by nature and respected it by being with it, woke up with a sunrise, and
slept down with a sunset.
It was the standard lifestyle in Japan before instead of it was the “luxury” experience.

Various devices have been developed and both family structure and lifestyle has been changed in current,
so that it has been difficult to see such lifestyle and the view.
But some people have wanted to be with nature and to have a relaxing time.

For them, the accommodation, that is able to experience farming and staying at the old Japanese-style house
at the same time, has become popular.

It takes for about one hour from Tokyo by the train, there is “Corot” in Tokorozawa city, Saitama.
Here is able to enjoy the rich nature of farming vegetables, the bamboo forest to harvest bamboo roots
in the best season, the large lawn to be able to enjoy a barbecue like a picnic.

It’s also glad to stay at the established old Japanese-style house, and you are able to enjoy
the traditional life in Japan, for examples, the large tatami floored hall, the fireside,
the Japanese stove, and so on.

Just now, the season of the summer vacation, accommodating events for elementary children are held
to tell “good old life in Japan” to with joys.

People are familiar with the developed life, but sometimes,
it’ll be good to experience slow and natural life.