Stay at “Japanese area” by the tatami and the sudare Good for your health by “the Eco summer”


Stay at  “Japanese area”  by the tatami and the sudare Good for your health by “the Eco summer”

The Japanese summer is hot and humid.

Most people use the air conditioner from the morning to the evening to keep cool.
But on the other hand, some people don’t want to use the air conditioner as long as possible
because they don’t like the cold room, and worry things about
and the electric charge.

If you want to adopt the cool lovingly to the body and the earth, a Japanese traditional item called
is very good to use.

Sudare is the Japanese bamboo screen and it has a long history.

It was appearing on
that was the oldest anthology of Japanese poetry.
In the Heian Period, it was appeared on
“Genjimonogatari (the Tale of Genji)”
written by Shikibu MURASAKI and
“Makura no Soshi (the Pillow Book)”
written by Sei Shonagon.

More than 1,000 years ago, it was related to the lives of nobles.

It cuts out the sunlight, but the breeze goes through because it was made of the weaved bamboo,
so that during the summer season, it’s used to put inside instead of the curtains and hang on
between the opened shoji and the balcony in the Japanese room.
The summer wind through the sudare brings us comfort.

And when we feel this wind and be relaxed on the tatami that looks cool, we can be more relaxed,
combined with feeling nice and cool in the tatami.
If there is a wind-bell under the eaves, it’ll be much better.

The tatami and the sudare have been related to the lives of Japanese people since old days.
Why can’t you try
“the healthy and Eco summer”
by using the tatami and the sudare?