With the tatami See the traditional fishing style “Cormorant fishing” in the Japanese summer


With the tatami See the traditional fishing style “Cormorant fishing” in the Japanese summer

There are a lot of traditions in the Japanese summer.
How many people know one of them
“Cormorant fishing”?

“Cormorant fishing” is a Japanese traditional fishing way that is to fish by the bird named cormorant.
It has been a long history, and written on Nihon-Shoki (the oldest chronicles of Japan) competed in A.D.720.

Cormorant fishing has been done in several places in Japan, but especially in Gifu city in Gifu Prefecture,
Ohzu city in Ehime Prefecture, and Hitachi city in Oita Prefecture have been called
”three greatest Cormorant fishings in Japan”.

Now it has been continued like the show for a lot of tourists instead of the way of fishing.

“Cormorant fishing on the Nagara River”
in Gifu city is the most famous one.
During this midsummer season, the plan is appeared to see Cormorant fishing in close
from the boat and enjoy the foods, and the inn to see Cormorant fishing from the tatami floored room
faced on the river achieves popularity.

Also in Ohzu city, where is named Suigo, Yakatabune (Japanese house-boat) has been newly constructed
by using the local Japanese cypress and the Ohzu’s Japanese traditional paper to celebrate
“the 60th anniversary for the tourism of Cormorant fishing”
in this year.

This large Yakatabune is fulfilled with the Japanese style like the shoji and the tatami.
And its shingle-roof is able to open and close to see fireworks from the tatami floored seat.

This is a unique traditional experience with the tatami, that is a Japanese culture.
Why can’t you see “Cormorant fishing”?

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