Doubled fears Listen to “Kaidan (ghost stories)” on the tatami in the summer night


Doubled fears Listen to “Kaidan (ghost stories)” on the tatami in the summer night

The Japanese summer isn’t only creating the cool environment by using the fan and moving air,
but also often directs shaking chills by listening to fearful stories.

has been appearing in most Japanese fearful stories, and it’s closely related to folk religions,
local traditions, and old thoughts in each place in Japan.

During the Edo Period, illustrations of Youkai were drawn by Sekien TORIYAMA, and even now,
it’s highly evaluated as a
“standard image of Youkai”.

“Rokurokubi (the long necked person)”
“Yukionnna (the snow woman)”
are famous Youkai, but there are some unique Youkai like
“Tatami tataki”
that makes noise like hitting the tatami in the midnight.
This Youkai has been with the tatami since long time ago.

The amusement park arranges the temporary haunted house for kids in the summer holiday season,
and each place arranges the event called
“Kimodameshi (test of courage)”.
Before Kimodameshi event, it’s often done to listen to feared stories named Kaidan from older people
who live there for a long time.

The tatami will assist to create an atmosphere there.
If you listen to Kaidan on the tatami, you’ll experience doubled fears.

The tatami floored Japanese room doesn’t only existed as a comfortable space, but also
it’s existed like this.
In the Japanese summer night, you can see the other look of the tatami that related to the lives of
Japanese from long time ago.

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