A Japanese street brand sold “tatami cushion”


A Japanese street brand sold “tatami cushion”

A Japanese street brand started to sell a unique item
“tatami cushion”
on July, 2017.
This is a big cushion that is able to sit by a person, and its surface is the tatami
made by 100% of rush grass material.

The tatami edge is a fashionable camouflage pattern.
This is an original camouflage pattern by this brand

This one shows the Japanese tradition, but fresh.
It is a harmony of
“street fashion”.

This is completed as the fashionable interior item, and even younger people will say

This time, the reason why this brand adopted the tatami material into the interior goods is that they paid attention into highly efficient of the tatami.
The tatami has excellent moisture retention and heat insulating performance.

It’s smooth and cool in the spring and the summer, but it’s warm in the autumn and the winter.
If it’s made of 100% of natural rush grass, the scent of young grass spreads into the room,
and it cleans up the air and reduces the stress.

The life style of Japanese people is being westernized, and it’s said that
“Japanese people is leaving from the tatami”
“Is the tatami old!?”

But now once more, it’s said that
“The tatami is awesome”
“The tatami is fashionable”
and it’s payed attention.

The tatami is able to be harmonized with the forefront street fashion.
Don’t you think it’s awesome?

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