The folding tatami with the pattern like textile


The folding tatami with the pattern like textile

Clothes, aprons, table clothes, and curtains…
Which designs of fabric products are you using in your life?

Sometimes rugs in the room will have the pattern.

People who design the pattern of fabric products are called
“Textile Designer”.
Many people will buy fabric products by being attracted from various patterns and colors.

By the way, how is the tatami?
The traditional tatami doesn’t have the pattern.
Its surface is made of rush grass, that is a material of the tatami.

People understand that it’s minimum beauty, but most people don’t understand that it’s

But recently in Japan, the tatami with the pattern like textile has been produced.
It’s definitely the gorgeous tatami like curtains, table clothes, and rugs,
that are with the marvelous flower pattern.

There are various ways to use; putting on the floor like the rug, hanging on the wall
as an art board if it’s small, and putting it as a desk mat.

This modern tatami brings colors.
But its material is the traditional rush grass as usual, so the scent and the touch of flesh young grass
give us comfortable atmosphere.

In this way, the Japanese tatami is developing flexibility by the time.

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