The tatami as the storing tool


The tatami as the storing tool

Speaking of the tatami, usually it’s put on all over the room, and its flooring and
laying material are integrated.

This is the way of the traditional tatami.
But recently, Japanese tatami brands are producing various tatami products to adopt the tatami
into various scenes of our life and to feel friendly toward it.

For example, there is
“putting tatami”
that is putting the tatami on the flooring room like the rug, and the small tatami area has produced there.
And there is
“Art board”
that is hanging the tatami on the wall like the tapestry in spite of thinking it as a rug
that put under our foot.

In addition, there is
“Mouth pad”
to use around the PC.
Furthermore, the tatami is being spared to the fashion like producing the bag with the tatami material.

The tatami surface is made of the weaved rush grass, so the tatami has a lot of possibilities to use
depending on ideas.

Recently, a tatami brand has produced
“Storing box”
with the tatami material.
This is made by combing the weaved rush grass to the box shaped and fastening each corner by the zipper.

This storing box is able to adapt into the interior and it’s very flexible to use; for example,
it’s able to put books, toys, and so on.

It uses the natural rush grass material, so people can feel smooth and cool to touch,
and feel relaxed by the scent of flesh grass.

If you put the storing box with the tatami material on the tatami floor, there are full of the tatami
and the Japanese atmosphere.
The tatami is able to have such interior coordinating.

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