The deformable tatami like the stone pavement


The deformable tatami like the stone pavement

A tatami mat is a rectangle.
Its four sides are straight and accurate.
A Japanese room is made from lined up tatami mats without extra spaces.

But recently, the innovative formed tatami has been produced in spite of such traditional tatami.
“Deformable tatami”.

More complex formed tatami mats, the pentagon, the hexagon, and so on, have been harmonized
to be a large mat.

It’s like the stone pavement in the Japanese temple.
Or, there might be stone pavements on the road of old towns in Europe.

This “Deformable tatami” is produced by a tatami brand that is
in the North-Eastern part of Japan.
Up to now, Japanese tatami market thought that it was impossible to produce
the deformable tatami.

But this brand has achieved to produce a lot of customized tatami by elaborated skills.
They achieved to produce flexible design tatami by good measure and allocating skills.

This “Deformable tatami” has been introduced in the newest housing exhibition to
appeal as
“a way of a Japanese house in the future”.

The world of the Japanese tatami is improving and changing by the time.

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