The tatami day in the Autumn “Take care of the tatami forever”


The tatami day in the Autumn “Take care of the tatami forever”

The tatami is the proudly Japanese culture to the world.
To pray for the tatami to be clean and beautiful forever
“Tatami day”
is designed twice in a year.

During this year, the tatami day in the spring was April 29th, and the tatami day in the autumn
was September 24th.

Then, following the last year, on September 9th, before the tatami day in the autumn, an event named
“Tatami world in Tokyo 2017”
was held.

36 tatami mat space was appearing on
“Sunshine City”
fountain space in Ikebukuro, Tokyo.
Both participants and inspections are free of charge, and people felt goodness and attractions
of the tatami through listening to songs, quizzes, comedians, and enjoying Japanese games on the tatami.

And also there are some activities like the hand-made experience of the tatami coaster,
so people enjoyed to feel closely the tatami through usual items.

Recently in Japan, it has increased that people who don’t have the Japanese room at home and don’t live
with the tatami by changes of environments and lifestyle.
But most people will be healed by a soft touch when they lie down on the tatami, and scents of the rush grass.

“Take care of the tatami forever.”

This kind of events will be a good chance to re-recognize it.