Let’s go together! An accommodation to be relaxed with pets


Let’s go together! An accommodation to be relaxed with pets

In former Japan, when people went for a travel, usually their beloved dogs were staying at home or left in somebody’s care.
But recently, people who want to go for a travel with their beloved dogs are increasing, so that accommodations that are able to stay with their pets are increasing.

Speaking of accommodations that were able to stay with pets in the old days, mostly they accepted it by negative reasons like
“facilities are getting old”,
“tourist spots around it are very few”,
and so on.

There was no choice to attract customers.
But with a change of how to be with pets, even popular tourists spots and hotels are giving services for pets.

In “Kizuna”, that is an inn located in Shuzen-ji Temple Hot Spring in Izu, there are guest rooms
that are able to stay with the dogs, the bath that is able to take in with dogs, the outdoors dog run
with the natural grass ground that is able to run enough, and the tatami floored indoors dog run
with 77 tatami mats that is able to play when it’s bad weather or very hot day in the summer.
At the entrance, there are the hot spring shower for dogs, the etiquette corner, and amenities.

It has a good reputation that people relax with their dogs on the calming tatami floored Japanese room.

Instead of worrying about your pets during your trip, it’s good to feel the comfort of being with
your pets during your trip.
You can’t avoid to smile by your pets are relaxing on the tatami.

You’ll feel “Kizuna (bounds)”with your beloved dogs in Kizuna.

Source of photo:http://kizuna-shuzenji.com/room/a/