Youkoukan garden Enjoy the autumn leaves and the Japanese culture on the tatami


Youkoukan garden Enjoy the autumn leaves and the Japanese culture on the tatami

There is a historical Japanese house with the tatami floored Japanese room, and people can see the beautiful garden, that is able to see seasonable views, from the Shoji (paper sliding door) or the alcove.

“Japanese garden”
is well harmonized with a pond, trees, seasonable flowers, and majestic waterfalls and small mountains,
and it heals people by its atmosphere.

is located in 400m north side from the main castle of Fukui-jo Castle in Fukui city, Fukui.
It was built as a villa of old Fukui feudal Lord, the Matsudaira family.
The current size of the building and the Japanese garden were completed in 1699.

The large pond was built in the center part of Youkoukan, and people can stroll around it and enjoy the view.
This garden is named
“Kaiyushiki-Rinsenteien Garden”
and it received a high evaluation in the ranking of the Japanese garden by
“Sukiya living (Journal of Japanese gardening)”
that is a United States technical journal for the Japanese garden.

A lot of people from both Japan and abroad are visiting here.

From now on, the autumn leaves are good to see.
The light up during the night is held on the Friday, the Saturday, the Sunday, the Holiday, and the before
holiday until 11/26, and it’s necessary to see.

In Yokokan, there are several tatami floored rooms.
The tea room is able to taste the Japanese tea and the Japanese sweets, it means, people are able to enjoy the luxury tea time by seeing the autumn leaves on the tatami.
This is exactly cultural learning experiences in Japan.

There are a lot of tourist spots in Fukui, like Eihei-ji Temple, Tojinbo, the dinosaur museum, and so on.
Now, Fukui in the autumn season has come.

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