Aromatic water rush grass


Aromatic water rush grass

The new tatami give off a fragrance of the rush grass.
It’s fresh, and called woodnote in the aromatherapy.

It consists primarily of fitontsid, and the rush grass includes about 20% of it.

Fitontsid is a fragrance of the forest.
When you wake a dense forest, you’ll feel a fresh fragrance.

If you take a deep breath, you’ll feel refreshed like cleaning up from the inside of our bodies.
To walk the forest is said
means the bathe in the forest.
You’ll be relaxed set up by nature sounds like the rustle of branches in the wind, the murmur
of a small stream, and the twitter of birds.

Actually, Fitontsid from the wood activates the parasympathetic nerve.
It makes people calm down and increases the alpha wave. Furthermore, it has effects of fixing blood
pleasure and recovery from tiredness.

And it helps to have a good sleep so that it’ll gain concentration.

Unfortunately, even if you renew the tatami, a fragrance of the rush grass will be lost.
If you want to enjoy a fragrance of the rush grass all the time, we recommend you the aromatic water.

The handmade aromatic water made of 100% of the rush grass will give you a fresh fragrance.
It’ll be good to use the power of the rush grass when you want to relax, go to sleep, or have a work
and a study.

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