The rush grass roll


The rush grass roll

The rush grass roll

A mat lined green sticks with a diameter of three centimeters is made of the rolled rush grass.
The surface is a sheet weaved like the tatami, and the inside is also fulfilled with the rush grass.

The inside part of the rush grass was stolen materials before.

The only central part of the rush grass is used while weaving the tatami.
It’s about one meter among the height of it about one and half meter.

The rush grass roll can be a thicker cushion than the tatami, and furthermore, this new design can be
good to use the rush grass.

The rush grass roll is made by Wataru OGATA, a tatami craftsman in Yamagata Prefecture.
In 2010, he met with the tatami when he was a collage student. He wanted to create something
with the sustainable design as his graduation work, and fortunately he could know the tatami and went to
the tatami shop.

In a moment, he was attracted by the tatami, a Japanese material that is a national air conditioner
and being back to the earth when it becomes old.

It’s not a strange thing that he doesn’t know about the charms of the tatami though he was born in Japan
and grew up till a collage student.
In Japan, there aren’t many houses with tatami rooms, and sometimes there are no tatami rooms.

Mostly the life is with desks and chairs, and people think the tatami is more difficult to maintain
than the wooden floor.

Once more, Japanese people know the charms of the rush grass by Wataru OGATA.

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