Rush grass diet


Rush grass diet

The rush grass is an ingredient of the tatami, but amazingly, it able to eat.
Most people might eat green vegetables like kales, spinaches and broccolis as their health, or drink smoothies.

Also the rush grass is a healthy vegetable.
It was used as a medicine till the 19th century.

The rush grass is in chlorophyll, polyphenol, vitamin C, and dietary fiber.
Chlorophyll has the effect of killing bacteria and deodorant, so that it became a medicine for inflammation
and throat.

Furthermore, its dietary fiber is 40 times as much as the cabbage.
It can prevent the elevation of cholesterol and blood glucose level, prevent obesity, and
discharge of harmful substances in the body.

This means the rush grass is healthy as much as green vegetables.

The rush grass is eaten by the powder because it is too hard.
There are products with rush grass powder, for example, somen (fine white noodle),
candies, and supplements.

And it’s also used to mix with foods like teas and smoothies at home.

In a production area of the rush grass, Yahiro in Kumamoto Prefecture, people eat a soup with dumplings
mixed up the rush grass.
It’s non-caffeine, so that it can be a substitute of green tea recipes.

According to experiments by Dr. MORITA, who investigates the rush grass, if people eat the rush grass
every day, intestinal environment is improved so that their waist became thiner.
The power of the rush grass is great for health, detox, and dieting.

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