The tea cult is able to learn all manners.


The tea cult is able to learn all manners.

Both people, who make a tea and drink a tea, check each manner, and everything like Chaki
(tea utensils), the taste of the tea, tea cakes, and the interior of the room make the tea cult.

Today, we can tell you how to behave at the tea ceremony.
At first, you can sit on the guided seat.
Of course, it must be the seiza style.

Then, you can enjoy the way of making a tea.
You will have enough time to be delivered your tea, so you can check the interior of the room.

At the tea room, it will be decorated that calligraphies, pictures, and flowers.

These are thoughtfulness decorations for guests, so let you praise them.
If you have a chance, you can ask about these decorations.

You might be impressed by unexpected ideas.
At first, tea cakes are delivered.
After you said
“Douzo (here you are)”
you can eat them.

You should eat tea cakes before drinking the tea.
Then, the tea is delivered.

You can hold the Chaki with both hands and turn it a bit to drink.
It’s a manner to avoid to put your lips on a main picture on the Chaki.

After drinking the tea, you can check the Chaki.
Also Omotecashi (thoughtfulness spirits) are put on the Chaki.

By the way, your legs might be numbed now.
If you overlap your big toes, it might stop the legs are numbed.

Often you can change your toes to be top or bottom.
In the strict manners, there are lots of things to know, but anyway, you can enjoy Omotenashi.