Japanese wisdoms to stay warm in the long winter


Japanese wisdoms to stay warm in the long winter

In Japan, the tatami is a tip to stay warm in the winter season.
The tatami is thickness and it can be a heat insulation, so that it can keep warm the room.

If you put
“Kotatsu (Japanese foot warmer)”
on the tatami, it can shut out the cold from under the floor.
Kotatsu is a special table that carries a heater under the top board.

The table is covered with a blanket with cotton.
If you get your legs in it and cover your knees with a blanket, you can stay warm there.

If a mat is put under Kotatsu, it’ll be perfect.
It’s an idea, according to Oriental medicine that is
“keeping the head cool and feet warm”
by setting the air conditioner lower and keeping the lower part of the body in Kotatsu.

Furthermore, the heating cost is cheaper so that it considers the ecology.
During cold season from the autumn to the spring, Japanese people get in Kotatsu to keep warm
with their family members and friends, and be relaxed to enjoy chatting.

And then
“Mikan (mandarin orange)”
is necessary for tea time and dessert.
Mikan’s texture is softer than oranges, and a sweeter citrus.
It’s rich in Vitamin C, and provides anticancer action and fat combustion.

Actually, Mikan has been exported to Canada and the U.S. since long time ago.
The winter is the best season for Mikan, so that it’s said Christmas orange or TV orange
because it’s often eaten while people watch the TV.

The tatami is a natural material to keep warm.
The Tatami Room
sells the tatami made with the Japanese traditional paper.

Why don’t you try its comfortable feeling in Kotatsu?