Tatami × Table Sunken Kotatsu connects both merits


Tatami × Table Sunken Kotatsu connects both merits

Kotatsu is a kind of Japanese traditional heater that puts a desk with a heater on the tatami,
and covers with a Futon (blanket).
But people need to bend their legs while they sit in it.

If they stretch their legs, it’ll attack other people.

Then, Sunken Kotatsu is developed.
There is a space till under the floor in spite of the tatami under the table.

In other words, people can get in Kotatsu like sitting on the chair.
It’s a good system for people who are difficult to sit by bending their legs.

The tatami is important for Sunken Kotatsu as same as Kotatsu.
If you put a Zabuton (Japanese cushion) on the tatami, it’ll be a comfortable chair.

While the summer season in the old Japanese house that people don’t use Sunken Kotatsu, it can put the tatami
on the space to be flat.

If you want to try such unique Sunken Kotatsu, Washintei Hougetsu, a Japanese inn in Hakone,
has Sunken Kotatsu in all rooms.