We recommend the tatami for families having babies!


We recommend the tatami for families having babies!

Do you know that baby’s scrawling is important for their growth.
Babies start to move with their legs and arms before they start to walk.
They learn how to go with their legs and arms.
When they move their legs and arms, their body balance is maintained and their motor skill is improved.

Of course their physics are built up well, and it gives effect to finger motions.

When babies start scrawling, some people try them to stand to walk or to use a walker, but there is
no need them to force walking.
It’s better to scrawl a lot.

But scrawling is dangerous.
Sometimes they hurt their knees and elbows by the hard floor.

Then, we recommend the tatami.
The tatami is cushioning property, so that it protects scrawling babies’ body.

How is the carpet?
It’s sure that the carpet is soft.
But it keeps dusts in ease, so that sometimes babies inhale these dusts.

The tatami made with the Japanese paper by tatamiroom can avoid dusts, and furthermore,
it has antibacterial waterproof action.
The tatami should be clean for babies to scrawl and to put their face on it.

By the way, the adult people don’t do scrawling, but it’s good for them as an exercise.
Why don’t you try it?