Have a lunchtime with a Japanese traditional craft “Mage-Wappa”


Have a lunchtime with a Japanese traditional craft “Mage-Wappa”

Have a lunchtime with a Japanese traditional craft “Mage-Wappa”

Speaking of the lunchtime in Japan, it’s
“Bento (lunch box)”.

Recently, it’s understood in abroad that “Bento” is lunch box, it means, Japanese Bento is becoming popular.

Bento is put well balanced and colored side dishes and the rice.
Though it’s a portable food, people, especially from abroad, highly evaluate its quality;
it’s thoughtful, and entertained looks like
“Chara-Ben (Bento formed favorite characters)”.

Speaking of Bento, there are various types of
“Bento-Bako (lunch box)”.
Most people love good thermal and functional one, but
a traditional craft designated from Japan, is also popular.

Even if the rice becomes cold, it’s still delicious because Mage-Kappa has the warmth of the wood and
absorbs the moisture.

Especially “Mage-Wappa” in Ohdate, Akita is famous.
Each one is made from a more than 160 year-old Akita cedar by Mage-Wappa craftsman, so that it has become
famous as a traditional craft by Akita cedar.

If you maintain it well, wash it properly and dry it, Mage-Wappa is able to use several years.

Recently, there isn’t only a traditional lunch box, but also various new designs, for example,
coffee cups and mugs, are produced.

Various types of Mage-Wappa on the tatami are fulfilled by Japanese traditions.

“Mage-Wappa” suites as
“Japanese Bento”
that is put a Umeboshi (pickled plum) on the rice and a Tamagoyaki (rolled omelet).

Why don’t you use a Japanese traditional craft to start the lunch time with Japanese tradition?

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