Enjoy four seasons and Japan in Kamakura


Enjoy four seasons and Japan in Kamakura

Enjoy four seasons and Japan in Kamakura

We recommend the shop
to enjoy Japanese atmosphere in Kamakura.
There are several restaurants of Japanese foods or sweets in about 50,000㎡ of the area on the mountain in Kamakura.

If you see the Sagami Bay on the sunny day, you’ll see Mt. Fuji, Hakone and Amagi mountain range,
and Oshima beyond the sea.

In the spring season, cherry blossoms on Mt. Kamakura bloom, and the cold wind pass through
bamboo groves in the summer season.
When you walk there, you’ll be able to enjoy light trekking and Japanese tastes by the Japanese garden,
stone Buddhist images, a tower, and halls.

In the autumn season, trees are colored yellow, so that there are changes in the yellow world.
And in the winter season, you can enjoy seeing Mt. Fuji with snow.

You are able to eat Soba (Japanese noodle) and Japanese foods as a lunch in the main building.
Though it’s good to eat reasonable a Soba or a Japanese set meal from ¥1,000 to ¥2,000,
you’re able to eat luxury kaiseki-style foods in the Japanese room on the 2nd floor if you book it.

After strolling there, we recommend you to take a rest in a tea room
that was a Japanese folk house with Japanese atmosphere.

You’ll walk a lot there, so that you’d better go there on the sunny day with walking clothes.

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