Experiences of the tatami making How can we make the tatami?


Experiences of the tatami making How can we make the tatami?

Experiences of the tatami making How can we make the tatami?

We want to be relaxed on the tatami in the Japanese room and sleep on the futon if we are in Japan.
The tatami is softer than the wooden floor, warmer in the winter, and cooler in the summer.

How does the tatami construct?
Have you ever thought that?

Let you know typical Japanese experience tours to make the tatami and bring it to your home.

At first, here is an experience report.

Tatami (Japanese Mat) D.I.Y Experience: Make a cultural souvenir like no others

Three reporters in tictokyo.wordpress.com report details of tatami makers in Tokyo.
Tatami makers were in every town before.
The rush grass tatami was remade about five to ten years.
In a small working place in the town, several craftsmen weaved each one and brought the new tatami to their customers.

The number of tatami makers is decreasing.
Kimuraseijyo is one of a tatami maker that is still making the handmade tatami.

Reporters checked how making the tatami at first when they visited Kimuraseijyo.
The tatami is created to sew the tatami sheet on a stand, and cover long sides with the ribboned Tatami-beri.

It’s overwhelming to see the exclusive mechanics and the way to see them.

They should see techniques by craftsmen.
After seeing tatami making, they could make the mini tatami.
They could cut the tatami sheet, and cover it with the Tatami-beri.
It was looked easy, but not so, because the border of the tatami was easy to get untied.

They could be taught politely.
This tatami mat should be a good surveyor with memories.

Tatami making experiences are done everywhere in Japan.
We recommend you to check it when you decide a schedule of your journey.