A popular tourist spot to feel Japan Vol.2 A lake of the dragon king legend “Ryugakubo”


A popular tourist spot to feel Japan    Vol.2 A lake of the dragon king legend “Ryugakubo”

is located in Tsunan Town in Nakauonuma, Nigata.

Ryugakubo is famous as a beautiful lake that is chosen as
“100 selections of national famous clear water”.
The amount of squirted water is 43,000t per day.
Amazingly, it can exchange all water in a lake.

The origin of its water is from several meters of snow in Tsunan where is a heavy snow area during the winter season.
Melted snow thinks through the terrace, and it comes out as spring water.

There is
“dragon king legend”
in this place;
long time ago, a man found an egg of a dragon in the mountain and he brought it back to his village.
The dragon was upset about it.
The man entreated to save his children and the dragon was impressed about it.
Then, the dragon makes rain down for three days, so that this lake was appeared.

Because of this legend, two temples were built in Ryugakubo, and two villages are keeping them to save the lake.

Though it’s impossible to enter there in the winter season because of heavy snow, it’s able to stroll while enjoying forest bathing.
And it’s free to bring back water from there.

After strolling, we recommend you to take a rest at a one-day trip hot spring facility “Ryugakubo Hot Spring Ryujin-no-Yakata” nearby the lake.

You can use the tatami floored rest room in free to be relaxed in the Japanese area after enjoying the hot spring.

After relaxing on the tatami, we recommend you to eat handmade tofu that made from clear water in Ryugakubo.

It’ll be a precious experience to feel Japan.

After the snow season, why don’t you come to Ryugakubo to see the beautiful lake with the old legend and
to stroll in the nature?
We can’t wait for here to be warm.

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