Winter treats No.1 Western “Fugu (blowfish)” It may bring lucks, though it has poison


Winter treats    No.1 Western “Fugu (blowfish)” It may bring lucks, though it has poison

Winter treats    No.1 Western “Fugu (blowfish)” It may bring lucks, though it has poison

Speaking of winter treats in Japan, it’s Western
“Fugu (blowfish)”
and Eastern
“Ankou (anglerfish)”.
This time, we can talk about Fugu.

Fugu is an interesting fish because it swells out to double when it threatens its enemies.
Fugu’s pronunciation is similar to Fuku, means luck, so that it’s considered a good luck food.
During the winter season, its taste becomes better, and it can gather, especially in the western part of Japan.

But the inner organs of Fugu have a deadly poison, and it moves to other parts when it’s dressed.
Even if it’s browed, people will be dead so that a licensed chef removes its organs by his special skills.

Fugu’s taste is light and hard, so that usually slice to sashimi (raw fish) thinly like transparent.
Its decorative plate seen through sashimi is also a luxury.

It’s eaten with Ponzu sauce, grated spicy daikon, and licks.
Fugu is able to be eaten everything except its organs.
If its skin is boiled, it can be eaten sashimi.
Its bones gives delicious stock, so that its meat part with bones is eaten as fried Fugu or Fugu pot.

If you put rice and eggs at the end of Fugu pot, you can eat delicious Fugu zosui.

If you roast its filet and put into a Japanese sake, it will have a nice aroma.
Also soft roe (no poison) is best to boil or fry.

If you eat Fugu, we recommend you to eat all parts to enjoy all deliciousness.
Fugu may bring Fuku (luck).
It had been eaten since the Jomon Period (the B.C. 131st century), but it had been prohibited in 1590’
because it was dangerous.

But in the Meiji Period, Hirofumi ITO, who was a prime minister in Japan, ate it in long-established inn
in Shimonoseki
and he decided to open it because it was too delicious.
It is a senryu in the Edo Period that
“we want to eat Fugu, but also we want to live”.

Recently in Japan, all Fugu restaurant has Fugu licensed chefs to cook Fugu, so that you don’t need to
worry about it.

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