Cute and happy seasonable event Vol.2 Wishes in delicious foods at Hinamatsuri


Cute and happy seasonable event Vol.2 Wishes in delicious foods at Hinamatsuri

On March 3, the day of Hinamatsuri, people eat special foods in Japan.
It looks like usual Japanese foods, but actually, it’s put wishes for happiness of girls.

At first, Hishi-mochi (rhombus-shaped rice cake) and Hina-arare (grilled bits of rice cake) are decorated
on Hina doll’s stand.

From the bottom to the top, Hishi-mochi is colored green, white and pink.
Green Hishi-mochi is made from mugworts, that are flagrant with smells like flesh spring wind.

White Hishi-mochi is made from water chestnuts, that are very nutritious.
And Pink Hishi-mochi is made from gardenias like saffrons, that have detoxification.

Each color have each image; green imagines the land and the health, white imagine the snow and pure,
and pink imagines avoidance of bad lucks and peach blossoms in the spring season.

Also Hina-arare is colored pink, green, yellow, and white to show the health and happiness of girls.

Then, people should eat a soup of clams on March 3.
It’s a seasoned simple soup with sake, salt, and the stock, that is made from clams and sea cabbage.

Each shape of clam shells is different, and it’s the bivalve that can match with its pair’s shell.
Because of this, calms symbolize the encountering a special person, so that they are the symbol of
good married couple.

From the Heian Period, there is a joy to draw beautiful pictures on clam shells and guessing its pair.
This can be a good luck charm.

A soup of clams is good with Chirashi-zushi (a style of sushi where the topping is placed on a bed of rice,
in a bow); it’s decorated lovely with pink from denbu (made from whitefish), yellow from eggs,
and colorful shrimp and raw fishes.

It’s great to eat Hinamatsuri foods while sitting on the tatami with seiza style in front of Hina dolls.

During this season, some hotels have Hinamatsuri menu, so please enjoy it on the tatami room
if you have a chance.

After March 3, people should tidy Hina dolls up immediately.
If you forget it, your marriage would be late.