Japanese original culture “tatami” and “spring tatami day”


Japanese original culture “tatami” and “spring tatami day”

More than 2,000 years of long history, Japan has been developed to be influenced by China.
A lot of things are based in China; for example, commodities like wooden clogs and bags, living tools like paper sliding doors and sliding wooden doors, and cultures like almanac and Chinese character called kanji.

In this situation, the tatami was born as a Japanese original culture, and it has been and developed with
Japanese people till today.

Through it was for only nobles, it was expanded to be standardized in the middle of the Edo Period.
“Tatami shop” was appeared, and sun drying tatami mats were often seen.

Also “changing tatami”, that is to change the tatami on yearly events like Bon festival and New Years Day,
was standardized as a tradition.

In Japan, two days in spring and autumn are designated as “tatami day”.
“Spring tatami day” has come on 4/29.

On the spring tatami day, “tatami festival in tatami temple” will be held in Shojoke-in Temple in Kyoto, called “tatami temple” on 4/28 as an only annual tatami event in Japan.

What this event is to write wishes on “goza (mat)” of the old tatami and burn them to pray for accomplishments.

On this day, special “goshuin (letter bearing the shogun’s scarlet seal)” and original sweets in order of
arrival will be prepared.

The tatami has a lot of attractions as the tatami;
it’s cool in the summer, warm in the winter, spring and relax feeling when laid on there.

Recently, more hygienic and stronger “new tatami”, using Japanese papers on the surface of the tatami,
is appeared, and we are amazed by its development.

Feeling “attractions and developments of the tatami” on the tatami day.
It’s a great culture that should be proud to the world and succeed to next generations